Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What's a Pendant Lighting?

When it comes to home decor, one of the most important things to consider is the lighting. Yes, the lighting. I'm sure the no nonsense, practical you would just think, 'oh, a simple florescent light would do'. But if you're into getting the pretty right, the first time around, you'd think hard and long about what kind of lighting to use. 

Why is that? Lighting is not just there to function, as an illumination of a dark space. Although that is its primary function, you also have to consider it as a home decor element. Mainly because lighting is one of the best mood setters in any space, be it indoors or outdoors. It creates the illusion of warmth and the right mood lighting gives off an inviting ambiance.

One of the best choices for mood setting is pendant lighting. Pendant lights are lighting fixtures that hangs from the ceiling. It comes in various shapes, sizes, materials. You can even make them yourself!

Pendant lights are great for highlighting an area, say your dining table or your work desk. Its also great for other areas in the house that needs additional illumination. It's even gorgeous in outdoor settings!

DIY Pendant Lighting via HGTV

Another great benefit to using pendant lights is that you can easily use whatever kind of bulb you want to use to cater to your needs, and also its a space saver. Instead of using a wall, or floor lamp, why not a hanging pendant light?

Here's a video I saw online with some great ideas on pendant light use..

Decorating a Tween's Room

You know I just realized now, we never really had a nice, decorated room for our daughter. We did travel around much during her younger years. In fact we lived in around 5 houses from the time she was 1 till she was 6. I would have wanted to fix up a gorgeous room for her with all those fancy children's furniture, beds, trimmings and all, but it just wasn't practical.

I think she would have loved to have a bed like this..

But right now she has outgrown that, and since were settled in our current place, I think its high time we do a room for her. So I was scouring the web for some ideas about decorating a tween's room..

One tip I would like to really follow, is to consult her about what she wants and what she wants in her space. After all, its her space. Also,the decor style must follow her tastes and wants. 

Also, I think her little room should feature a lot of shelving and a space school work/projects and crafts. I'm not allowing a computer yet on her room because that would inhibit me from doing active monitoring of her computer activities.

And I also think I have to go with a small, non extravagant budget. I realize that the things she might want now, she might not like 3-5 years down the road, so better be flexible.

We looked up a couple of design ideas online and loved these..

the shelving and the colors are nice. muted, but not boring..

Modern Kids design by Los Angeles Interior Designer JAC Interiors

beautiful wallpaper.. hmm, which gives us an idea to use vinyl wall stickers..

Dream Outdoor Living..

I will let you in on one of my secret fantasies/dreams..I want an uber gorgeous outdoor space. With a nicely landscaped grounds, pretty flowers, fantastic, calming views and super comfy outdoor furniture where I could lounge like a diva. Hahaha! Does it sound too much?

I'm specially partial to Japanese style outdoor patios/garden. There is so calming and structured about them. And when it comes to furnishings, I find rattan furnishings so gorgeous! I really fancy the lounge chair below.

If the space is a bit limited, I kinda dig this kind of arrangement. With some areas elevated, and creating an illusion of space. It also creates intimate nooks that is just so conducive to conversations..Here's one example of that arrangement..

Also, this one shows the difference in levels of the house and the grounds and creates a feel of more space and grandness..

Mosaic Wall Tiles as Home Decor

To be honest, the idea of using mosaic wall tiles for home decor never really occurred to me. When it comes to tiles, all I could think about are bathroom tiles, kitchen counter tiles and of course, floor tiles. 

A lot of people, like me, always miss that there are other types of tiles you can use to add color and texture to a wall. But my husband pointed out to me, that tiles really make nice wall accents. For instance,most modern Cambodian houses use tiles even outside the bathroom. 

Although I don't find the tiles they use on the walls appealing, it does serve a purpose. It cools down the house during hot months and also, for them it adds a lot of color. So this made me re-think my idea that tiles can't be used on walls.

In fact, there are certain kinds of tiles that would be absolutely gorgeous as wall accents. Just like mosaic wall tiles!

Check out the photo.. pretty right?

I checked out some source websites and I was amazed at the variety and really gorgeous colors and textures you can choose from. I specially love the ones below..

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lovin' Rustic Kitchens

I was just checking out some videos on Youtube for some kitchen furniture arrangement ideas and I found myself really loving rustic kitchen designs.

I'm usually more of a contemporary design lover when it comes to kitchens, but lately I really am appreciating the warmth and coziness of some rustic kitchen designs. I'm particularly liking the whitewashed kitchen furniture. They have this aged and weathered feel that is just so lived in..
Our place right now is sporting a modern look so a rustic kitchen design wouldn't really fit in. But since were planning on buying another place, in the suburbs, I think I'll be decorating the kitchen, in the rustic weathered way..

Bathroom Design for My Little Teen

I have a pre-teen daughter and I find myself amazed at how she is changing. As a child, she seldom spent time in the bathroom. She spent as little time as possible there, only when its necessary. But lately, I have observed her spending a lot of time in the bathroom. I think she is really turning into a teenager and primping and making herself pretty is starting to be a priority. 

And she is also asking me to fix up her bathroom. She wants a little more personalized bath space and a little more funky bathroom furniture. She wants pinks, a lot of space for her stuff, shelves and a big big vanity mirror. 

So now I've been making plans to redesign her bathroom. I want a little color in it. Perhaps some vinyl wall stickers would be great instead of repainting the whole place. I have loads of ideas but definitely we'll be working together to get the look she wants. 

Canvas Paintings: Affordable Wall Decor for Rooms

Having that blank wall dilemma? If you're decorating your home, you have probably been in this kind of dilemma at least once. A blank wall. And what do you want to do with it? Paint it? Add a painting? Stick photos on it?

So how do you brighten up a dull room on a budget? My favorite wall decor for small rooms are canvas paintings! They are inexpensive and you have a lot of choices.

For one you can have them printed inexpensively. You can pick a photograph, reprints etc and have them printed on canvas. There are various services even available online that can do this for you. Also remember when choosing the photo/image for printing, think about how they will match the mood and atmosphere you want to create in your room.

For those who don't want to go through the trouble of personalizing or printing your own canvas, then there are also various places specially online where you can purchase inexpensive canvas paintings. Pick a size that would be just right on your wall, not too small, but not too large that it will overwhelm the room.

Pretty Up with Artificial Flowers

Let's face it, not everyone has a green thumb. And not everyone has a space for small garden in their homes right? But still, flowers really make great home decor additions. They liven up a space and gives a lot of warmth to a home.

The next best thing if you don't have real live flowers (or perhaps you have pollen allergies?), is to pretty up a  space using artificial  flowers. You can buy an artfully arranged silk flowers from the nearest craft shop or you even make it yourself!

In fact, I think arranging it yourself would be a lot of fun. Artificial flowers or decorative plants make a really stunning decor and best of all, they won't require much maintenance. You don't need to remember to water them, eh? 

You can easily get your materials from a craft shop. First pick a vase or a container. You can use decorative pots, baskets and other containers. You will also need something to hold your artificial flowers in place. Styrofoam or any material to hold them in place. 

The time to pick your flowers. This is where you get happy. Pick colors that appeal to you. Add in a few greens or other foliage and other elements to add flair. 

Now get into arranging. I find this pretty much intuitive. Also, check out your arrangements at different angles..And last tip: have fun with the project!