Cost Saving & Renewable Energy

Can you imagine how much energy one household uses? To think that our planet has continuously dwindling resources, I think its high time we think about cutting costs and using renewable energy. A lot of people don't want to be bothered, but if we are really conscious about the imprint and damage we cause to our environment, then we will stop and think twice.

Here in Cambodia, its already a usual thing to have hours long power outages during summer months. The electric supply is simply not enough to cater to the growing needs of the growing city. So what can we do? 

My husband and I had been talking about setting up a basic solar power panels for our home use. I am pretty sure this would incur an some expense on our part. But that is simply an initial expense. In the long run, we would saving much, not just in electric bills. 

We would be making use of renewable and free energy from the sun and that is being environment friendly. We would also have power when there are constant power cuts during summer. 

This plan has a lot of pros, but since it does require spending, we are doing a lot of research first before plunging ahead with the plan. Hopefully, by next year we all have this ready.