Bargain Shopping - Things to Beware Of..

Looking for bargain items is a good shopping habit, but before you splurge out do check out item on sale so your money can get good value. ... thumbnail 1 summary

Looking for bargain items is a good shopping habit, but before you splurge out do check out item on sale so your money can get good value.

On Food:

> Check the items expiration date.
> Check for damaged packaging.
> Be on the lookout for products with rotten smell, slimy feel, discoloration, molds etc.
> Refrain from purchasing cans that appear misshapen or bent or bloated.
> Perishable products have higher moisture content than other foods, and this makes them ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and more susceptible to contamination.
> Cook or use these perishables as soon as possible.

On Medication:

> Beware of fake drugs.
> Check if packaging is tampered or broken in any way.

On Clothing:

> Watch out for uneven stitching since these are prone to small holes when used or stretched.
> Cotto, linen, and rayon are particularly known to shrink or expand, while silk, cotton and linen may discolor or bleed.
> Interfacings and linings should be supportive, fastened securely and should not wrinkle the outer fabric.
> Stitching should be secure and have no loose ends.
> Make sure that accessories are sewn securely and zippers zip smoothly.
> Keep the receipt in case you want to return items.

On Cosmetics:

> Foundation and wand-applied cosmetics like lipsticks and mascaras should not have uncharacteristically clumpy or cake-like textures. these are the signs that the items has passed its expiry date.
> Eye makeup should never contain any kohl- a color additive often used to enhance the eye's appearance. It contains salts of heavy metals, such as antimony and lead, and is not approved for cosmetic use. A kohl colored item, however, is just fine.
> Makeup brushes should be soft and full, they should feel smooth.
> Test them first to see if it matches your skin and wouldn't cause irritations and if the product blends with your skin.

On Shoes:

> Try it on. If it feels stiff and its shape doesn't really fit the contour of your feet, don't buy it.
> Shoes of poor quality can cause pains and calluses and don't last long.
> Stick to sturdy shoes without too many glued embellishments.
> Go for leather, it lasts longer and allows your feet to breathe.

On Jewelry:

> Check the metal used - if its too flimsy, it will break easily.
> If you're prone to skin allergies, be careful about buying pieces made of metal.
> If the jewelry feels rough and has add-ons and extra pieces jutting out of the design, it can often snag and damage clothing.


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These are very good tips, especially when shopping at the Russian Market where signature clothes are really cheap!

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nice tips huh. thanks for that. keep up the good work.

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