Pretty Up with Artificial Flowers

Let's face it, not everyone has a green thumb. And not everyone has a space for small garden in their homes right? But still, flowers really make great home decor additions. They liven up a space and gives a lot of warmth to a home.

The next best thing if you don't have real live flowers (or perhaps you have pollen allergies?), is to pretty up a  space using artificial  flowers. You can buy an artfully arranged silk flowers from the nearest craft shop or you even make it yourself!

In fact, I think arranging it yourself would be a lot of fun. Artificial flowers or decorative plants make a really stunning decor and best of all, they won't require much maintenance. You don't need to remember to water them, eh? 

You can easily get your materials from a craft shop. First pick a vase or a container. You can use decorative pots, baskets and other containers. You will also need something to hold your artificial flowers in place. Styrofoam or any material to hold them in place. 

The time to pick your flowers. This is where you get happy. Pick colors that appeal to you. Add in a few greens or other foliage and other elements to add flair. 

Now get into arranging. I find this pretty much intuitive. Also, check out your arrangements at different angles..And last tip: have fun with the project!