Photohunt 205: Three

I had to dig through my photo archives for this. I think I got lucky! This was taken a few weeks back on a trip to Angkor Wat. It's one of those intricate carved details on the walls of the famed temple. Three trees..

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bingkee said…
Is this ancient? Looks so cool...thanks for sharing.
bing said…
amazing... read a lot about Angkor Wat in one of the blogs. it's exciting just to read about it.
lui said…
@ Bingkee, yes it is. Angkor Wat is centuries old and that carving is some a speckle. The whole temple complex is entirely covered in intricate carvings..

@ Bing, thanks. It's worth a visit.
Rach said…
thats such an interesting photo :-)
Very nice. Must be beautiful seeing it in person! Thanks for sharing :-)