Why You Need Paint Spray Booth for Car Painting

Getting your car painted professionally can be costly, so if you have the technical know how, the artistic sensibility or the desire to experiment on your car :D then why not paint it by yourself? To get started, you must decide on where you want to have your painting job done. Having a paint spray booth is highly recommended and one of the most important investments you can make if you take painting seriously.

There are elements that could easily ruin a painting job like dirt, dust, bugs etc specially in open areas . Closed spaces like your regular garage also poses a problem as it doesn't have the required ventilation. So having a paint spray booth helps eliminates these problem.

Remember car painting is a delicate process but not one that can't be done. Paint spray booth has some basic features that you have to keep in mind if you want to have one installed. It usually has a ceiling, a good ventilation system and four walls. The ventilations system should be chosen with care as this prevents fumes from gathering around the booth. Air filters are usually also present in the ventilation system to filter out dust and dirt. Some spray booths also includes a heating lamp to help paint dry faster.

The lighting is another thing to be considered. Auto painting uses some hazardous and flammable materials so paint booth lights should also be chosen with care and pick one that is safety approved and explosion proofed.

There are ready made paint booths already available in the market but it is quite costly for something you would not be using frequently. But if you have a little knowhow and some technical advice here and there, you can actually also build your own spray paint booth. You local hardware could be an excellent resource. For lighting needs, Magnalight.com by Larson Electronics has good choices.