Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Tips

Christmas is most definitely my most favorite season. It hard not to love this season, where everything is glittering and beautiful, the mood is festive, and everyone is generous. Another big draw during Christmas season is the chance to go full blast with decor! Most people I know just love decorating for Christmas.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Christmas decor are Christmas trees. But not all places can have a real live tree, so that's where artificial Christmas trees come in. While some people might say it will never be as beautiful as a real live tree, well, I also think that artificial Christmas trees has its advantages.

First, its reusable. You can easily store it and use it again for a couple of year. Second, the variety! Lots of choices and designs. And lastly, they come in various prices for every budget.

So if you're thinking of buying an artificial Christmas tree, here's some buying tips you have to consider:
  • Have a budget. As with all things shopping, its much better to have a budget you can work with.  Budget trees can cost less than $100, but for a more luxurious, realistic looking trees, you might need to spend a bit more.
  • Decide on the SIZE. Artificial Christmas trees come in a wide range of sizes. From small table top trees to big several feet size trees. Think about the space where you want to place it. Will it fit? 
  • Which COLOR to pick? Nowadays, artificial Christmas trees come in various colors. From the traditional green to snowy white, they even have funky colored trees. So think about what would suit the decor theme you have in mind.
  • Check the type of leaves. Some trees have clustered branches on each bigger branch creating a fuller look, while some have small leaves from each branch creating a leaner, more structure looking tree.
  • Trimmings! Some artificial Christmas trees are pre-lit and would be great if you don't want to place additional Christmas lights. 
  • The material used. This would be a huge factor when it comes to the price of your tree. Picking a tree using high grade plastic is wise since it will last longer.
  • Check the stand. Will it hold? Is it strong enough to hold up the tree? This is specially important for those buying big-sized trees.