Featured Interiors: Simone Micheli’s Residence

If you’re into architecture and design, or perhaps all things Italian, you’ve most probably already heard about Italian architect Simone Micheli.

simone-micheli-houseinflorence simone-micheli-houseinflorence-2 simone-micheli-houseinflorence-3

Micheli is known for his bold, contemporary designs and that is also evident in his own residence called the House in Florence where he lives with his wife and son.

It is a residence made up of 90% eco compatible materials and it is an authentic hyperrealist portrait of the “Ethical Luxury” which is one of the main focuses of his daily architectural searching. It is a dynamic, extremely fresh and vivid intervention taking place in an ancient 1800 setting which has converted these spaces laden with memories into a new environment capable of hosting meaninful fragments connected with a fast and unstoppable metropolitan life.

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I just love its bold lines and curves! Not everyone would fall for the bold splashes of color but it just works for this space. Another thing I like are those fabulous bookshelves and built-ins. Contemporary, modern, yes but its still looks like a really fun house, a place where kids would love to play..

Photographed by Juergen Eheim