Design Inspirations: Elegant Bathrooms

I love looking at pretty things. I'm sure I'm not alone. I just have to browse gorgeous interiors and afterwards I'm all inspired and brimming with design ideas. 

This time I'm hankering for some beautiful and elegant bathroom designs and here's some very elegant bathrooms by various designers showcased at HGTV

This is gorgeous. A marriage between old world and contemporary elegance. I love the rich earth tones in this bathroom design.  Designer: Christopher J. Grubb

Light, neutral and airy. Very modern bathroom design. I think the light stones used is the star of this bath. Design by Christopher J. Grubb

This elicited an 'OMG! This is absolutely gorgeous!' reaction from me. Neutral colors and I specially love the cabinetry.  A dream bathroom for me. Designer: Joseph Pubillones

A hint of Asian mystique makes this bathroom design outstanding. The mosaic wall is just beautiful. 
Designer: Joseph Pubillones

Beautifully elegant, Asian-themed bath. I love the small details in this design. Designer:  Ammie Kim

Another elegant contemporary bathroom design with subtle Asian elements. I guess I'm big on East meets West when it comes to design, but you can't deny the mystique those Asian elements bring. Designer: Gregory Augustine

Did you guys get inspired? Got new ideas? Check out HGTV for more designer portfolios..