Whimsical Cloud Chandelier

This one's going to be an eye catching, unusual addition to any room. If you are aiming for a touch of whimsy in your room decor this one would be great.

The Nimbus by Dominic Wilcox is described as a pendant cloud of light.

The creator describes creating this fantasy like cumulus chaderlier:

'I had a bag of polystyrene balls under my desk for a year. I liked to look and feel of them, they seemed to have potential but I wasn't sure what direction that potential could lead. One day I put a light bulb in the bag, it looked interesting. While experimenting with polystyrene balls and mixing them with different glues and resins I created some ball objects. I noticed that light passed through the balls in a similar way to light passing through a cloud. One of my experiments lead to a ceiling light called Nimbus '

The Nimbus above is currently not in production. However, if you're really itching to have that whimsy feel to your home, then check out the Hive Cloud Suspension Lamp by Kenneth Cobonpue.