The f (x) Stools

It's a perfect fit! That's what I could say about South Korean designer Tak Euy Sung 's f(x) stools.I guess its the end product of some mathematical equation and there really is no doubt that the stool is pretty easy on the eyes. But I do have to ask, what is the purpose of dividing it? Is it merely for the design? I doubt if one can be comfortable using just half of the stool..


Anonymous said…
f(x)stool is not devided two unit.
When seat board is wided to some degree, structure of this stool steady to stop.
we use stool for simple sitting rather than for comfort. So, stool has big seat board, has little attraction. But too small seat board makes big user uncomfortable. So we sometimes wish seat area of stool is bigger or smaller.
f(x)stool is designed for this poeple .