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Buying a car is not as simple as buying the latest jeans or a pair of shoes. For one it is costly and most of us would want a car that we'll be able to use for a couple of years at least. Before buying one, I'm sure you'd like to have a good idea of what is available in the market and would have at least a particular car maker or model in mind before you go around shopping.

This is where car reviews come in because you'd be able to access valuable information on cars, which would help you choose what model of mercedes benz or volvo would best suit your personality as well as budget. Not all of us are car experts so before choosing a car we'd like to hear what the experts on cars have to say about the latest car models, its features, its perfomance, the aesthetics and all other factors that would help us make the decision. is one car review site that offers full car reviews which includes in detail about each car's performance, style, quality, safety and other features. They also have the car compare section where you can have a great car comparison experience. Expert advices and tips are also on hand, free price quotes can be requested and not only that , there is also a photo gallery for each model making it much easier for you to visualize and find the right car.

Navigating through the website is pretty easy and quick. I particularly like how they categorize  their reviews - by car manufacturer, by style - ie. sedan, 2-door, SUV etc., by price range and by price quotes from local dealers.  I also like the way cars reviewed  for each car makers are presented - sequentially. For example you visit the Kia page, then the top item would be the kia soul which would be that particular car makers latest offering.

If you also need help finding a local dealer, they also have a search capacity for local dealers in every state for whichever car manufacturer page you are in say you are in the Kia page, then you can automatically find a local dealer catering for Kia alone.
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