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I've been doing some blog hopping this afternoon when I stumbled across a post of another Filipina blogger. It's all about monetizin... thumbnail 1 summary
I've been doing some blog hopping this afternoon when I stumbled across a post of another Filipina blogger. It's all about monetizing her blog by writing reviews, opinions and surveys for products, services and other websites.

Paid reviews

So, I got curious. I haven't been really actively pursuing to monetize this site. I only have Google Adsense plus I have a couple of review companies I write for but lately I tended to be picky about what I write for. Another thing is that this blog is hosted with blogspot and not having my own domain at times work against applying to join those review sites. So when I checked if LinkFromBlog accepts blogger blogs, I was pleased to learn that yes it does! Not only Blogger hosted blogs, but other free platforms as well..

Signing up is free so I jumped on the chance and registered my blogger blogs. Now I'm looking forward to some monetary returns from the blogs I maintain..

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bingkee said...

Thanks for sharing this.....I will join this. U know, I'm dissatisfied with Sponsored Reviews. It raised its percentage cut-off. If the advertiser pays $15 each for your review, SR gives you only $7.50, 50% is theirs......And I don't accept if it's less than $10.00

Right now, I have Blogsvertise which is quite satisfactory and Payperpost. I'm also into PayingPost Review Me, BuyBlogReviews and Smorty, but these last 4 do not have a lot of offers even if my PR is 4.

Hey, it's really great if you have a domain name. Just invest on paying $10.00 for it for the whole year.

I cannot find the award you're telling me. Could you please tell me the URL of that post.

Lui said...

hi bingkee. sorry forgot to pots the link..its in my other blog - http://pinaywifespeaks.com/blogging-webfinds/beautiful-blogger-award/

yes, i was disappointed too with sponsored review and to think i was getting lots of opps from them pa naman. This blog really lives on blogsvertise. My other blogs with their own domains have Payu2blog. I try as much as possible to have different review companies for every blog I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket..

I'm contemplating getting a domain for this one but I don't want to loose the current ranking.

For now though, the most reliable is Payu2blog. And the longer you are with them the more assignments you get. Plus ontime at times early payments too. Blogsvertise too I'm pretty fortunate to have.

payingpost, reviewme, myblogreviews and smorty too have less assignments for me even with a pr4.

I've tried paid text links. It pays really great too and no need to write a post. Inlinks and Ask2Link are some of the ones I have on my sites..

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