Spice Tower - Kitchen Organizer

Love to cook? I do and I love buying spices and experimenting with them. They tend to accumulate and before long there are lots of small bottles around my kitchen filled with spices. When its cooking time, I have a hard time finding which ones I'll be needing. This would be a perfect solution for kitchen diva's out there who are looking out for a spice rack/organizer.

Wrapables' Spice Tower is self stacking, and interlocking bottle design while it keeps your spices in safe place, organized and stacking them high means you save a lot of space in your kitchen counter. It comes with six acrylic spice bottles with removable sifter lids, plus two extra sifters with smaller holes if needed. Also included are 48 pre-printed and 6 blank spice labels.


Spice Rack said…
This "Spice Tower - Kitchen Organizer" is way too impressive and unique. Any designs of spice rack for me will do. No problem. Seeing our own kitchen being fully set up brings out the energy in us to cook delicious meals. When it is arranged, it keeps us to have a good mood for cooking. I just couldn’t imagine how and what it feels to cook in a kitchen that’s disorganized and thatis’s unfinished with the necessary equipments for cooking.
This is very convenient. This organizer can save space and also time in finding the spices.