Should Get That Ceiling Fan

Our bedroom AC has broken down last month, and since its 'ber' months now and its not so hot, were taking our sweet time repairing it. Were actually just planning to replace our old window through unit with a new split type unit. We'll probably have one installed just before summer months hit us.

For now, were using a stand fan. Not even that much coz our bedroom is well ventilated. But last Saturday, when I was cleaning the room and pulling out the mattresses for airing, I accidentally knocked over the fan and one of the blades broke. Still  can be used but  it now has that faint thudding noise. Now, I'm thinking of having a ceiling fan installed.

I like ceiling fans, because they can save a lot of space. And they are great for circulating the air in the room and I find the temperature is more consistent with ceiling fans compared to regular stand fans, plus the blast of air is not that suffocating and overwhelming. Another thing is that they now come in different styles that are a lot more decorative than the usual stand fans.  Case in point would be these lovely ceiling fan fixtures I found over at Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans.

This one would look lovely in a little girl's room..
Perfect for the verandah or an outdoor patio..

For the living area or a bedroom.. Don't you think it's elegant?

This one is fabulous. Perfect for the living room or a formal dining area. Add in the bulbs and you get an overhead lighting..

So zen-like! I would love to have this on our bedroom..

And this one's great for room for the boys..

Which one would be your pick? I'm pretty sure you get what I mean when I say they could even double up as room decor and even mood lighting. And those kids/sports themed ceiling fans are just so cool. Great for bedrooms for kids.