Casa Modern's Fab Chairs

Here's another fab find added to my modern furniture "must haves". I love the bold colors, the fluid lines and the unusual shapes. Makes for an interesting home furniture and come to think of it, it makes for a stunning home decor too.

CasaModern is "an exclusive design gallery & resource guide showcasing premier manufacturers, retailers, and products for modern and contemporary designer furniture catering exclusively to rapidly changing demands and tastes of the Indian market. CasaModern brings together the contemporary designer style of the furniture in your home or office in line with your fine taste and personality."

The Amoebe Lounge Chair. Sleek and modern look but it looks comfy as opposed to other modern furnishings. Available in black, red, orange, blue, navy blue, purple and yellow. I just think it would be a great idea to mix and match all colors and come up with a really colorful and visually stunning lounge..

Dimensions: 34Wx 35D x 26H
Structure: Laminated Back Shell
Upholstery: Splie Leather

The Ketty Designer Chair. I love this! It's made of fiberglass and if you dig it do hurry coz they're running out of stocks already.

Dimension: 20W x 24D x 33H

The Pantone Cone Chair. Sleek, comfy and unique. I find this piece glamorous and truly elegant. And the bold colors help make the look too. Available in red, black, orange, purple and yellow.

Dimension: 22.5W x 23D x 32H

Love all this? Grab it from CasaModern. I'm not sure though if they ship out of India..

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