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by Sue Krippner ** I found this article to be truly informative and could help a lot if you're planning to decorate a small space so I ... thumbnail 1 summary
by Sue Krippner

** I found this article to be truly informative and could help a lot if you're planning to decorate a small space so I decided to reprint it... Full credit goes to the author Sue Krippner. For more of her ideas, visit the links on the footnote..

Decorating Small Spaces is fun! It's a call to thinking outside of the box with every square inch being at a premium.

The scale of presenting specifics for each room is beyond the scope of this article, so here are some universal tips and tricks, that can be applied to any small space throughout the house.

Think "Double Duty" - There are many any ways to maximize smaller areas by combining more than one function to the items arranged in the room. Consider these powerful examples:
1. An ottoman that has hidden storage space AND a turn over top that could double as a cocktail or end table. With the storage underneath you can hide throws, games, t.v. controllers or whatever need may arise.
2. Replace a solid, space closing door, with a wood framed french or glass one. This will open up that dead end by allowing in more light. It will also create a transparent divider that pulls in the other room while provide conversational privacy or muting TV sounds.
3. Double up that home office into a guest room. Inventive wall units are available with an amazing variety of configuration versatility. These units can provide a sophisticated office area by day and a luxurious guest bedroom at night. Type in "Murphy beds" into a search engine to see what pops up.

Think "The Illusion Of Space" - To brighten and create the appearance of a larger small space, place a mirror in an area that best reflects the most room expansion. Near a window works well or directly across from a blank wall or those wonderful french doors mentioned earlier.

An entire wall of mirror is a bit extreme for some but provides a perfect solution for others. To the minds eye, mirrors are interpreted as windows. Try them in a room that has none of these fresh air openings to minimize that closed in feeling. Place them to the back of book cases or shelves to create the appearance of depth.

Think, "The Law Of Flat Surfaces" - Any level of maximizing space and design will be destroyed by allowing too much stuff to accumulate. Even a great room will look small if clutter is allowed to rule. The heave and leave habit is a hard one to break but with some determined organization this interior weed can be eliminated by implementing this simple law.

The Law of Flat Surfaces is a simple guideline to keep all your horizontal surfaces free of random stuff. The floor, counter tops, area tables, shelves, fire place mantel, the list goes on and on but, by keeping these areas clear a person will be amazed at how simple it is to maintain any small space to stay comfortable and always ready for house guests.

Decorating for small spaces will always present unique challenges. Along with those challenges is an unconventional opportunity to develop one of a kind design solutions. Traditional shapes and sizes don't always work but with a little research, shopping and possibly professional consultation - that small space will make a large impression.

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