Tips for Buying Beddings

When moving to our first homes, what comes first in our shopping list and given the most attention to are furniture and appliances. Beddings like bed sheets, comforters and pillow cases are generally given not much priority. 

This happened to me. And I regretted a lot of my first bedding purchases. Why? Because they are not cheap but I still ended up buying the wrong ones. So I wasted a lot of money. 

To save you the same dilemma, I'm listing some tips here on how to shop for bed sheets and beddings.

  • Right Size. This was my biggest mistake of all. I have a queen size bed and didn't really know the measurements so I ended up buying 3 double sheets. A total waste of money. So this is the first thing to know - What is the size and type of your bed. There's single, double, twin, queen, king. But not all beds are standard sizes so you're much better off measuring your bed. 
  • Fabric. This matters. Specially so if you have allergies etc. Beddings usually come in cotton, polyester, cotton-polyster blends, and also satin and silk.
  • Set a Budget. Yes, some beddings can be pricey specially those designer ones. So set your limit.
  • Thread Counts. This just determines how many horizontal and vertical threads are in each square inch of your sheets. Higher thread = softer fabric.  Thread counts below 250 tend to be not smooth.
  • Color. Some would not consider this, but I think its important to pick sheets that at least goes well with your room color scheme. A bedroom is meant for one to be relaxed and exploding colors is just difficult for one to achieve relaxation. 
  • Washing and care. This can be tedious so take this into consideration. Some sheets require dry cleaning, some ironing, some warm washing and so on. Check the product instructions for these.
Here's some nice bedding sets I picked from Amazon.