On Store Displays

How does one design and organize a retail space? Nah, I'm not talking about a huge mall, just a small personal shop? A good friend is opening a small crafting supplies shop and has been asking for some advice in designing and displaying store fixtures.

I think store owners should put some good thought on the way the store fixtures are designed and laid out. Why? 

  1. Display fixtures are the place where your merchandise will be showcased. If your display fixtures lack cohesiveness and doesn't follow any good sense, chances are, your customers would be confused as well. It must be displayed in a way that highlights your products and provide an easy shopping experience.
  2. A well place display fixture adds a pleasant experience to every customer that goes inside the store.
  3. Your store layout and display fixtures also will help you (and your workers) to navigate the store more easily and be more productive.
  4. The overall layout and placement makes or breaks the store's ambiance.

Perhaps it's a good idea to get store fixtures wholesale, to save money and to have more choices. If there is money to spare, it wouldn't also hurt to have store fixtures customized. 

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net