Inspirations for Home Entryway Design

Usually my design ideas run amok when it comes to bigger rooms like the bedroom, living room, kitchen etc.. that I sometimes think its just runs dry when confronted with the task of decorating a small entryway. More often than not, entryways of homes I had been living had been decorated haphazardly.

Like its just an  afterthought and just doesn't jive seamlessly with the overall decor theme of the house. But right now, I am 'redecorating' our living area and the entry way because of some additional space we got from putting lots of shelving in our veranda. So I had been hunting for design inspirations..

Here's some gorgeously and simply designed entryways I found via HGTV.

Fiorella Design. A pretty looking solution. And I do adore orange. Plus the trunk/seat is great for those lacking space.

DC Design House. Something with a wow effect. Glorious and opulent. Not something I envision my current entry way to be but I'm keeping this in mind, just in case I want to make a bold statement for our next place.

The Inman Company. I love this! Compact, functional and subtly pretty. 

Tracy Morris Design. I'm a bookworm and got tons of books so this is just an awesome solution/decor idea.

Nicole Sassaman. Beautiful hallway chest/cabinet. Would be great for Asian,vintage-modern themed homes.