Building a Garage Door

I just got back from a brief visit to my parents house in the Philippines. It was a short visit but there were a lot of things done. We had been doing a couple of projects in our property there. The first one was constructing a sturdy fence around the house and lot. It's only my mom and a helper living there now, with us occasionally just dropping by for a week or two every few months. So her safety and security is of primary importance to us. We also installed CCTV cameras around the perimeter. 

All these are now in place and we do feel a lot better about security. The last visit though, made me realize, we don't have a garage door. A serious oversight, since our garage do have a car (hahaha!) and the garage also has access to a side door leading to one of the bedrooms as well as to a rooftop terrace. 

So this is now our latest project. It's a necessity and won't be there just for decorative purposes. The only thing left for us to do is to decide what kind of garage door we want. Before this, I didn't realize that there are actually a lot of garage door types to choose from. 

I spent sometime looking over some articles and descriptions on garage doors. For one, our pick should be one that is sturdy. Why? Our place there is on the typhoon belt, so it has to be strong enough to withstand strong winds. So I think your choice should boil down to these things (1) your location (2) aesthetics (3) budget.

Here's just a few garage door type we've been looking over:

  • Sectional Garage Doors - constructed with several panels and slide up overhead. Each panel is connected to the door track so it ensures sturdiness and reliability. Another upside is that is can be constructed in various materials like metal, wood etc. This is also a great choice if space is limited.
  • Roller Garage Door - another ideal solution to space problems. Made of aluminum and usually remote controlled. 
  • Up and Over Garage Door - door first swing towards driveway and slides into the garage ceiling. Needs a lot of space and suitable for those with longer driveways.
  • Swing Hung Garage Doors - traditional doors that are hinged on the doorway. It requires a bit of space for opening and closing. 


I think it's best to go for the roller garage door. At least you have a remote for it so you can easily open it without getting out of your var. Perfect for when it's raining.