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Hi guys! It's been awhile, more than a month to be precise since I last updated. I have the perfect excuse you know. We were busy doing... thumbnail 1 summary
Hi guys! It's been awhile, more than a month to be precise since I last updated. I have the perfect excuse you know. We were busy doing some renovations to our home here in Phnom Penh so blogging took the sidelines. We did a lot of work and a whole lot of it a very satisfying DIY project particularly the kitchen.

We installed new floorings, wood wall panelings and improved a lot on my kitchen working area. Let's just say I'm a really happy cooking momma right now. I could now whip meals in a really gorgeously functional kitchen.

nope. this is not our kitchen. but yeah we had this for inspiration.

Of course I just had to get new kitchen appliances and I do take time to pick out what I need when it comes to this. Most kitchen appliances are small, but there are blings for the kitchen that requires a great deal of thought and research too before buying. The stove/oven, exhaust system and the refrigerator are the ones I pay a big attention to when going shopping for kitchen appliances.

I have plans to replace our current Toshiba gray two door refrigerator. Yes, its still working and in tip top shape but I'm moving it upstairs to our bar/informal family room. And I would be needing a bigger one for my kitchen. I did some window shopping already and has been looking at some new brands of refrigerator and some brands have caught my fancy like LG refrigerators. I'm kinda loving those French Door type refrigerators.

Now I'm just doing a little bit more research on the models I have in mind. Here's what I find out usually before I make the purchase.

  • are there product recalls for the said model? what's the current repair track record?
  • does it have a service center near my place of residence? dig about after-sales services.
  • ask about warranties.
  • are the dimensions enough for what I need? I do stuff a lot of food in my refrigerator. I only shop once or twice a week and plan weekly menus, so it needs to be able to hold a lot of stuff. so think about your needs.
  • learn more about the energy use in each model. the more energy efficient it is the better. 
  • what are the features? we live in the tropics and it could get really really hot, so an ice maker would be a big bonus. Consider the features vis a vis your household needs.
  • is the price right? Of course, budget matters.
There you go. Those are just some things I (and you can make use of too) to consider when picking out a refrigerator.

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