Gift Idea for Moms-to-Be

If there's one thing in life that's really worth celebrating, then I'd say its a baby. A new life! I would always think of this as a miracle. That's exactly how I feel as one of my oldest friends have just recently emailed me telling me they have finally conceived. They had been trying to have their first child after being married for over 7 years. And finally! All the more reason to celebrate and bring out those expectant mom gifts.

I wish I could go and join her baby shower and share the joy with them. They had been wanting this for so long! But since I'm living out of the country right now, and going there is not an option, then I'm just searching online for pregnancy gift ideas, something I could buy and ship to her just in time for her to enjoy before she gives birth.

After some hours scouring the net for some ideas, I saw this book called A Parenting Conspiracy: The Fine Print for Becoming a Parent by Emily Lovely and I guess this would make a fabulous pregnancy gift for my friend.

I know being pregnant and waiting for the birth of a child is exciting as well as nerve wracking so this book which is described as  'an honest and humorous disclosure of the trials and tribulations of conceiving, pregnancy, delivery, and early parenting that are rarely revealed.' would hopefully help her out and get her to have more fun out of having a baby. 

And my personal advice to her? This quote says it:

Think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes. ~Joyce Armor