Sea Urchin Seats by Desart

Want a fun, unique seats for your living area? These Desart modern seating collections would be the perfect choice for that. The Sea Urchin sitting collection designed by Andrea De Benedetto. I love the way its modern yet there something that in it that makes it look classic. Perhaps the floral design, perhaps its the color. I can't pinpoint it exactly but I love this attention grabbing seat collection.

DesartCollection has a very poetic description of the Sea Urchin collection. Let me quote..

In perfect natural harmony, Ricci di Mare becomes a “sculpture” for the refined customer who loves quality in all its forms. The sea urchins have lost their spines but maintain their typical rounded and harmonious form. Like a dream in a notte di mezza estate, its lines awaken the mysteries of obscure reefs where forms unknown to us are hidden yet in Ricci di Mare come to life and become legs and armrests, reminding us of fluid movements, inspired by beautiful and very red coral.
Just like a sea urchin that first holds within itself memories of a world beneath the water and then transforms into a marvelous shell, the lines of Andrea De Benedetto seem to have the ability of leading us toward happy memories of the past and promising hopes for the future.

Via Trendir