Tips on Selecting Dining Room Furnishings

Hubby and I has been planning out home renovation for awhile now. I've been busy sketching out a floor plan and some things that would be added are a few more rooms, a home office, a bigger kitchen area and a bigger dining room. Of course, I'm mad about cooking and entertaining so I'm a bit fixated about the kitchen and dining areas. I've been scouring tips online on choosing dining room furnishings and decor and here's some practical and helpful ones you might want to keep in mind too..

  • When choosing a dining table keep in mind that it must be comfortable enough and should have enough elbow room for the number of people who's going t use it. Designers recommend at least two feet of elbow room for guests and 48 inches to slide a chair away from the dining table. So keep this in mind - your furnishing must leave enough space to move about.
  • Always measure the size of the room you are furnishing. Keep the measurements with you when shopping.
  • Having photographs of the area is also a great help in furniture shopping.
  • The size of your dining table should also consider the number of people who will be regularly using it ie. your family or your guests. 
  • Choosing a theme, a style or a color scheme for the room is also a great help in choosing furnishing and you also end up with a room that is even looking and put together vs. mismatched furnishing.

I'm personally thinking of going for a long rectangle table or a medium sized round dining table. There's only four of us regularly using it anyway so I'm kinda liking the look of the dining table pictured above. Of course, well be having a breakfast bar and since we usually serve lunch or dinner to guests buffet style its not much of a space problem. Plus we also have barbecues and the veranda would be provided with extra seating too.