Get That Valentines Day Ambiance To Your Home

Nope, I'm not saying you'll be doing a total overhaul of your home decor. As usual, I'm thinking of the 'budget' and adding just bits and pieces of decor to alter the ambiance of a room is just practical. And besides yours is not a retail showroom so best keep the hearts floating around at a minimum.

So how can you add a bit of romance and Valentine flavor to your home? With some home decor like these items I saw in Kohls. I'm sure you can get ideas from these...

XOXO Heart Basket - perfect for making your breakfast counter standout or as your table centerpiece. Fill it with candies and chocolates and voila! A great Valentine's day addition to your decor. $10.16 @ Kohls.

Add some red to your dinner table...SONOMA life + style® Square Placemat $4.79 at Kohls.

And for that perfectly romantic ambiance...Glittery Pillar Candle $8.99 @ Kohls.

Or add some cute and sweet to your kitchen work area with these cutie love kitchen towels -"Love" 2-pk. Striped Kitchen Towels $7.19 @ Kohls.