Cleaning Wood Furniture Tips

I love wood furniture, in modern, minimalist designs. I find wood carvings beautiful but its something I just want to look at but not have in my home. Coz I find wood furniture with carvings so hard to clean. I spent a lot of time when I was growing up helping my parents do chores around the house, and since my dad is a wood carving fan, well, it was like a torture for me just dusting those tiny nooks and crevices. So when we were buying our own furniture, I stuck to clean, sleek lines.

Extra care must be taken when cleaning up wood furniture. The wood is what makes it standout and beautiful and when cleaning it, the age, type of wood and its condition must be considered.

What are the things you must look out for? And some tips you'll find helpful.

  • Majority of the dirt are only on the surface, like fingerprints, dust etc.
  • If it got wet, you'll see a white or pale spot on the polish;
  • But if the liquid has already penetrated the wood then, it shows a darker stain.
  • Scratches and other deeper than surface damage would require re-finishing and can't be remedied by just cleaning it up.
  • Before choosing your cleaning solution/agent, check first what would work for your type of wood. Also read labels on your cleaning products.
I also saw some interesting videos on this topic on Youtube. Check them out and get some really useful tips.