Colorful Kitchen Gift Ideas

Don’t you just love colorful things? And I want to have lots of colors in my kitchen. Most kitchen items I see in stores and shopping centers are of boring black, white, gray, chrome variety so I went online to look for some nice colorful sets to add to my kitchen.

And they’d also make wonderful Christmas gift ideas for home makers..I found these items at Bodumusa. They lots of colors in their product range and it was such a delight browsing their online store..

Bistro Juicer - Electric Two Speed Juicer & Bonus Pavina Cups

Brazil Set – Brazil 8 cup press & 4 Pavina Cups

Pavina Set of 6

Brazil Set – All 3 Coffee Presses

Bistro Thermo Jug – available in lots of colors!

Chabord Thermo Jug – also in different lively colors..

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Ettore – electric water kettle..

Presso Storage Jars – assorted sizes and colors. I want this. Really.

I just love the colors! They can even be decors in themselves. Imagine having great functionality as well as aesthetics. That’s a great value in my opinion!