Tips On Buying Quilts

I would consider buying quilts a 'big purchase'. Why? It's expensive and its also one bedding that you will want to use for a long time. It's not something disposable. Quilts are a great comfort and provides warmth and if that is not enough reason, then think that quilts would also add another spark or an interesting element to your bedroom decor.

What exactly is a quilt and how does it differ from your other beddings? Quilts are distinct because they are used to cover your bed. It consists of three layers, a back fabric, the soft batting and the top fabric. All these layers are stitched together, and the stitching often follows the design of the top most fabric. Quilts are either hand or machine sewn.

Buying Tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with the different quilts. One great place to start learning about them is the net. Browse online shops and before long you'll be brimming with information about quilts. Also visit, your local crafts stores, home stores..
  • Having done a bit of research, you'd be at least knowledgeable about the budget you need. There are collectible quilts which could come in pricey like antique quilts. There are also not so pricey decorative quilts like those commemorating an occasion. 
  • Quilts hand made by Amish and Mennonites or in the Appalachian regions of the US fetch a hefty price. The general rule is that, entirely hand made quilts are more pricey and usually doesn't go below $300.