Oh, No! Where is..

Your house... Well, that's what I get asked usually by the postman, delivery guys, people coming over, maintenance people. What can I say, aside from the fact that our house is located in a narrow street a few meters from the main road, which admittedly makes it harder to find and our not having any address plaque makes it even worse.

Lol! You must be wondering why I'm about to tear my insides about this, but you see its terribly upsetting. The other day, the maintenance guy for our internet connection was coming over to have something checked and it took him 30 mins to find our house and I had to go out the main road to look for him! Another thing is that my husband is not here and before most of our mail gets sent to his office but now its all being redirected here. And its bad because I couldn't go online shopping coz I'm wary about the packages not being able to make it. I know its for an entirely selfish reason but...Now that I think about it, maybe having a huge address sign would work wonders eh?

Now, I'm thinking having one of those outrageous address signs would do really nicely. Maybe something with neon lights hehe.. Or perhaps this solar powered address tower would fit exactly what I need, its stylish and well attention grabbing enough. At least the pizza delivery won't take an hour before we could have our dinner.

Solar address marker is from Collections Etc.


lol! I can just imagine how inconvenient it is to have a hidden house. I like you, you're funny. You made me laugh, really. You have a way with words. Thanks.