Indoor Wall Plants

I heart this! I just can't imagine living in a house without any speck of green. Perhaps its because of the way we grew up in a house with lots and lots of plants, or perhaps its because I find it much easier to breathe whenever I see some greens around me.

But practically speaking, having a garden or even pots of plants in a home is becoming more and more of a challenge because of the space constraints. Specially those living in cities who just settle now for an odd pot or two of herbs on their kitchen windows or maybe a few cactus plants or some begonia or petunia pots hanging about the veranda.

So when I saw this, I just thought, wow! this is just one of the most perfect solutions I've ever stumbled across for those who have very limited space but would still like to see a bit of green in their homes. It's stylish, pretty, easy to maintain and have a very dramatic effect on any area.The Indoor Living Wall Kits from Available in wall mounted and free standing models.


outdoor fabrics said…
Living a comfortable house includes decorating some refreshing green plants. A sort of unique style of decorating not only for showing attractiveness but also for health benefits. Love it keep posting..