Simply Charming Wall Shelves

If one does not want to end in a really cluttered house, one of those things we'd be needing are shelving. But I must say some shelves are not that appealing to me, they appear too bulky or altogether just dwarfs everything in a room. So, I've been thinking, what if you want to have some place to put your knick knacks and you want the shelf to look more like a complement to your decor?

It needn't be huge, just functional and of course it should not be an eye sore. I've jumping all around online surf shopping and I found this three really simple yet very charming wall shelves. I know some of you are wary about buying big items online but I'm posting these just the same to give you some ideas and if its possible you can also have one customized...

Studio Wall Shelf from PotteryBarn

Iannone Design - Grassy Shelving Natural from 2Modern

Rustic Rattan Modular Woven Shelves by Roost from VelocityArtandDesign

Connections Library Shelving from the Container Store