Bla Station’s Uber Comfy and Modern Sofas

Sweden is well known for its furniture design manufacturing industry. I’m partial to Swedish designs because they mostly produce furnishings that are modern, sleek, yet comfortable and super stylish. So, there’s no surprise that I’m almost in love now with Bla Station’s furniture, particularly their sofas.

I honestly can’t decide which ones I like best, here some..

dunder-bla-station hut sofa high-bla-station Produkter - Blåstation_1282320953635 Produkter - Blåstation_1282321138553

This barely scratched the surface, so go right there and visit the website!



Less is More said…
wow very impressive furniture's ive wonder what wall designs will fit for my patio i have wind spinners and wind chimes and other garden accessories . can you help me to pick which design is the best . thank you
Nice designs in sofa. Thanks for these pictures. I like the third one and I would like to purchase the same for my new home.