Need To Furnish..

A few years back, we added a wing to my parents house in the Philippines. It’s a small area, enough for a sitting area and a bedroom and it also has a bathroom. It’s connected to the entire house but its private enough with its own entrance. We plan to make use of it whenever we go on vacation, but with us now living in Phnom Penh, we haven’t done much in terms of furnishing the place.

I’ve been looking for some modern furniture designs so I could have some customized if I have time. Luckily my dad knows are really really good upholster and I’d want him to make something like this..

loveseat by moroso

I’m also looking out for some bedroom furniture and I think a platform bed would be really nice and comfy..I don’t like high beds and if I could have my way, I would like to have a Japanese style bed, but since Hi-ace and Chinks prefers beds a bit higher off the ground a platform bed would be a compromise. Something like this would do nicely..

platform bed

I’ll just a add in a nice wardrobe, a tv stand, a bookshelf, and some ottomans or bean bags for lounging and it’ll be perfect. I don’t think I’ll be adding dining room furniture since we always eat in my mom’s dining room anyway, and it’s not like we can cook there. Maybe a nice bar would be nice though.