Williams-Sonoma Home: Elegant Formal Dinnerware and Glassware

Formal dinnerware and glassware can b pricey compared to just common, everyday use cutlery and dinnerware, but its worth the investment. Having one or two sets at hand comes really very handy specially if you have dinner guests, expected or impromptu. For some reason formal dinnerware lends a certain elegance and ambiance to the whole dining table. 

For those looking for some dinnerware, here some I found at a really nice online shop specializing in home furnishings and accessories, Williams-Sonoma Home.

Haviland Clair De Lune Collection -$48.00 - $360.00; crafted in France, Matte platinum rims, hand detailed with lustrous platinum fillets and accents.

 Raynaud Cristobal Collection, Turquoise - $57.00 - $560.00- each delicate branch meticulously painted by hand. A work of art for the table, Cristobal passes through 30 pairs of hands from start to finish.

 Bernardaud Vintage Collection - $30.00 - $74.00; The hand-applied platinum stands in for the rim and adds to the luster of the translucent porcelain.

 Pickard Signature Monogram Gold Collection - $25.00 - $250.00; Create your own custom dinnerware with Pickard’s Signature Monogram collection. An American classic since 1893.


Misty said…
What lovely dinnerware. You can always depend on Williams-Sonoma for putting out awesome lines of dinnerware!