Lighting Innovation: The Living Pixel

Who doesn’t love innovation? I’m a sucker for cool things, cool design, and I love it more if its geared towards easing the burden we place on the environment. I’m pretty sure majority out there would agree, that environment friendly designs are just the coolest thing!

Here’s one from designers Chan Wan Ki Kay, Chen Siu Wa Shai Chai, and Suen Ka Hei Catherine. Using a lot of recycled items like lamp stands, and using energy saving and eco-friendly lightbulb systems and diffusers to come up with a really fabulous and innovative lighting design, very aptly named the Living Pixel.

Check out this video..

livingpixelslighting01 livingpixelslighting03 livingpixelslighting02 livingpixelslighting04 livingpixelslighting06

Source: YankoDesign