Get Organized Tool: Dry-Erase Wall Stickers from Kohls

One of the best ways for most of us to remind ourselves of to-do tasks, dates to remember, errands, goals,  etc is to stick some random post notes on the refrigerator door or write some notes on  white board.

While I must admit I do the “fridge note leaving” thing I must also admit it could darn get so ugly! And I tend to lose a lot of notes too, especially if there’s a lot of notes piled there already.

Here’s a cool solution to that, not to mention it looks a lot more prettier. In fact, its like a wall decor by itself!

Want to schedule your week? I think this will be really cool for the kitchen to write down your weekly menu. In the kids room, so they could write down their activities, classes, etc. For your home office, to write down you to-do list, appointments on a weekly basis.The Eiffel Tower Dry-Erase Wall Calendar Sticker for only $29.99 at Kohl’s.

Eiffel Tower Dry-Erase Calendar Wall Sticker_1276089489339

If you don’t want the calendar type and you just prefer to leave notes where you are sure they’d catch your attention, then the Dry-Erase Sheet Wall Stickers is a good tool for you. What’s more its a customizable design allowing you the freedom to choose sizes that would fit your space. Available at Kohls for $34.99.

Dry-Erase Sheet Wall Sticker_1276089707320