Dream Kitchen..

I figured I spend a lot of times hopping from one site to another drooling looking some stunning magazine featured interiors as well as some fabulous photography portfolios, but I haven't really thought of posting things I find here till now..Geez, they make really nice home design inspirations, so expect more like this here..

Here's a kitchen featured in a magazine and I just can't get enough of it. Hmm, its mostly white but I so love it!! Cooking can be messy, but for some reason when I cook, I clean a lot. It's like a compulsion. I don't leave the sink with mess. I'm pretty tidy so this one will be easy to maintain for me. So, I wonder when I'll ever have a kitchen like this?

Featured kitchen in Swedish Elle Interior and shot by photographer Fabian Björnstjern. I'm positively drooling over this..