Save with Coupon Chief

I'm a big fan of coupons. Some might scoff that ohh, you're just gonna be able to save cents from those, but think about it. If you purchase 10 times, and get a discount of a dollar each time, then you save $10! That could go for a nice pedicure, or some extra things you need in the house. And I'm pretty sure, most homemakers purchase a lot more than that. Anyway, one site that is know for coupons and savings is I browsed around the site looking for some coupon codes on home items and here's what I thought of the site. 

First, the site look, navigation and functionality it offers coupon hunters like me. Very impressive. I've been to coupon sites that are so messy and I ultimately give up looking for the coupons I want. Coupon chief is very easy on the eyes, with lots of navigation tabs you can click to bring you to whatever you're looking for. My favorites?
  • Search Bar - its very prominent. It's not hidden and it just invites you to go on and do your coupon search.
  • Browse by Category - on the homepage you can easily narrow your search to whatever you need. They have categories for wholesale, skin care, clothing, footwear, home decor! and more.
  • Tabs by Store - i love this! Most of us have regular stores we buy from and searching for their coupons with Coupon Chief have just become easier. For example, you want to see the available all modern furniture coupons you simply have to check out their alphabetically organized store coupons list. Easy!
Coupon Chief also has this unique feature called Pays2share where if you share a coupon you know of, you upload it to the site, and somebody uses it, then you get a share from the sale! Cool right? You just share what you find and you get to earn from it. Hmm, if I happen to stumble upon good Kmart coupons etc, I'll definitely be joining this program.

An extra feature of the site, which I also enjoyed browsing is their blog. You get to learn about different stores and what else, but more about coupons. If you're looking to snatch some big savings from those regular purchases, use coupons and Coupon Chief is definitely worth checking out.