Decorative Rain Chains

What's a rain chain?  Truth is, we don't use this much back home in the Philippines. I'm from the Bicol Region and rains and typhoons there aren't the gentle kind, so rain chains aren't really popular. But just the same I find them very functional and decorative as well.

In case you're wondering, gutter rain chains functions similarly to downspouts. It directs the rain from the roof to the ground. The chains serve as buffer so the rain won't fall so heavily and create havoc on your ground or on your garden soil. Rain chains are also very decorative particularly those garden rain chains make attractive additions to your garden.

Rain chains comes in assorted materials. There are those made of copper, aluminum, brass, glass, iron or stainless steel and in various designs too. But if you're into crafts and have some spare time, then you can make some rain chains made of materials you like. 


Rain Chains said…
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Anonymous said…
where can we buy rainchain in the philippines...i need one, arount 7ft.