Bamboo Serenity Mural

I've been browsing MuralsYourWay this morning coz I've been looking for some mural ideas to install on our veranda. Since I'm a little bit fixated on Asian themes, things with zen-feel, its no wonder this Bamboo Serenity Mural caught my eye.

Don't you just love it! I can actually imagine the faint rustle of bamboo leaves when the wind blows.. I'm very much tempted to order one. Let's see. Hmm, it's currently on sale for a 6 feet x 4 feet panel its only $169. And what I love about Murals Your Way is that you can customize the sizes! Tempting, really tempting!


ED said…
You might want to check this out too. Stuffs made with bamboo wood for eco living.

I ain't the owner. Just that a pal introduced it over his blog.