16 Million Color Lamp!

I was intrigued with this accent light.. And for a good reason. It can produce 16,777,216 different colors of accent light! How cool is that? If you're the type who want to change colors, moods, themes in a room then this will be a great lighting addition. 

The lamp's four LEDs (two red, one blue, and one green) generate 256 different hues, 256 levels of saturation, and 256 brightness settings. And here's one more thing that I find so cool, it has a wireless remote control with a color wheel. A color wheel?? Yes. A color wheel so you can have continuous, seamless scrolling through the color spectrum, and dual dimmer buttons provide smooth transitions between different levels of saturation and intensity of light. The light can also be set to automatically cycle through soft, muted tones and deep, bold shades of light. I'm pretty sure you won't get bored with those choices of mood lighting.

The lamp sits at a 45ยบ angle so that it projects onto a wall, and the LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of use. Available at Hammacher for $199.95.