Tips on Buying Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

One of the most important fixtures you'd be wanting to have in your home are your cabinets! From bath cabinets to kitchen cabinets, you... thumbnail 1 summary
One of the most important fixtures you'd be wanting to have in your home are your cabinets! From bath cabinets to kitchen cabinets, you'd be wanting to buy one's or have cabinets customized to suit your storage and organizing needs as well as blend with the decor/theme you have picked for each area. 

When you buy kitchen cabinets, or other storages for your home, it is advised to do a lot of research and consultation with experts so as you can get the best value for the money you'll be shelling out. For one, it is a big expense, and two it is a semi-permanent fixture. It is not something you buy today and next month you can change.

Here's some simple tips for buying cabinets:

  • Measurements are very important. Measure your kitchen dimensions or have a professional measure it for you. Make sure you determine how much space you have for your cabinets. Take note of the height, width, length of each space you want to place your cabinets in.
  • Browse around furniture shops or online cabinet stores so you can have ideas in terms of model, styles, materials, and prices. If you want to shop online, take particular care with the dimensions and compare it with the measurements of your space.
  • If the online furniture shop has a physical store nearby, why not check it out so it'll be easier for you to compare the dimensions, the styles and which colors will blend in well with your current home decor.
  • Have a budget. If you are putting on cabinets on your bath or kitchen, the cabinets eat up at least 50% of your remodeling or building budget. Stick to your chosen budget when shopping for the cabinets.
  • You have several options on what type of cabinet purchase to go with. Whether you buy online or your local furniture supply, you can choose from, (1) stock - ready-made cabinets; (2) custom/semi customized.
    • Stock cabinets/ready-made - the cheapest, but you have limited choices in terms of style, dimensions, color, material etc.
    • Semi-custom - usually made from factories but with a lot more customization options;
    • Custom - expensive but made from scratch to fit with kitchen/bath layout.
  • You can also add in other cabinet accessories if the budget and space permits. You can have pullout shelves, wine racks, dividers etc.
  • If you are unsure of which particular style you'd want to incorporate in your kitchen or bath, then magazines and online home decor sites are an excellent starting point for ideas.

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