Cute Find: Desk Aquarium Organizer

Want to have some pet fish swimming on a case on top of your desk without you having to feed, clean or do anything? Here's the best solution for you - the DeskQuarium from Office Playground!

The DeskQuarium omes with 4 fish that'll swim around their aquarium, illuminated by a red glow, whenever a sensor is activated. What a great way to add a cool, colorful, fun touch to your desk and have a place to organize pens, pencils, and scissors at the same time. The DeskQuarium Desk Organizer contains the perfect pets, requiring no feeding, no training, and no clean-up. Add water to the plastic aquarium and put it in the desk organizer base, turn it on, and the magic fish will swim whenever the sensor is activated (by tapping on DeskQuarium). A 30 second auto shut-off conserves battery life.
Isn't it so cool! I wanna have one for my desk myself! I bet my daughter, Chinks would get excited with that..