Shopping Online for Clothes

I started shopping online for clothes when I was in the Philippines. There was a time I was into Korean clothes and the best place to shop for these items are in online shops. Its cheaper, have more choices and less risk of running into someone wearing the same thing at a party. The advantage is that you cannot try on the clothes so before you go into it, you have to make sure you are very familiar with size charts of each online shop you are buying from. Sizes vary from shop to shop so best be armed with a tape measure when you browse shops. Another disadvantage is that if there are damages to the items you bought its really a hassle to return it.

But I sure don't let those minor disadvantage dissuade me from enjoying my online shopping experience since there are ways to go around those issues. For one, when its my first time to shop in an online store I just order 1-2 pcs as sample so I can have an idea of the quality as well as the sizes. Online shops are also turning out great and hard to find items especially for childrens, maternity and plus size clothing.

Now that I'm here and living in Phnom Penh, finding good quality semi-formal and formal clothing can be hard. There are a limited number of shops (though at times they turn out to have fab items) so most of the time we either shop in Bangkok or whenever I go home in the Philippines. So, I'm now considering the option of buying items online again though I have to check out the shipping and customs regulations first.