Pottery, A Buy It or Do-It-Yourself Decor Idea

One of my mother's hobbies was to collect pottery. She used to travel a lot and would always bring home a pot or two from her travels. W... thumbnail 1 summary
One of my mother's hobbies was to collect pottery. She used to travel a lot and would always bring home a pot or two from her travels. We had this all over the house and they really did provide a warm and inviting atmosphere to our home. They also make great conversation and central pieces. Guest would ask about where it is from etc..Pottery also goes well with indoor plants and makes the room a lot more cozier. People usually associate pottery with country home decor but with the variety of available designs in the market, there are already choices for those with modern contemporary home decor, those with oriental themed homes and more.

If you want to decorate your place with pots, then you can either buy it or make it yourself. Of course, buying it would be easy and its particularly interesting if you travel a lot. You can scour unique pieces from place you go and before long you can amass really interesting pottery pieces. You can also buy from your local shops or online.

But if you are the artsy crafty type and would like to venture into a new hobby, why not make it yourself. This way you'll be able to decorate your home with personal pieces. Ones that would showcase your personality plus pottery also makes excellent gifts to friends. You can take pottery lessons or you can follow guides, from books or even demos online. They thing with creative crafts is that, the pleasure of crafting comes more from trials and errors, the process of making and learning the craft. So you must have the interest as well as the passion to get into crafting hobby like pottery. Pottery can be a very satisfying and who knows, you might even profit from your new hobby.

To get started, learn and research on the basics. You'll also be needing pottery tools and I've been browsing online and saw AMACO/Brent carrying a really good collection of materials and resources online. You can find sculpting compounds, lead-free glazes and underglazes, pottery wheel clay, clays, kilns, other finishing tools and supplies like texturing tools. Basically, all things you need to get your pottery making started. 

You can also find a wonderful collection of pottery books, videos, even T-shirts! One of the best features of the AMACO/Brent site is their social network site where you can meet and share ideas with fellow crafting enthusiasts.

Image Credit: AMACO/Brent

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