Why Pick Contact Lenses?

What are contact lenses? They are lenses placed on the cornea of the eye that serves corrective, therapeutic as well as cosmetic functions. Contact lenses functions the same as glasses but its advantage over the former is its lightness and its almost invisibility.

Though initially contact lenses were made for corrective purposes, advances contact lens technology have spurned a demand and popularity of contact lenses as an aesthetic product. Cosmetic lenses are purposely colored to alter the color of the eye. It's then not surprising that the latest contact lenses comes in different designs/colors to suit the market demands.

Corrective contact lenses are essentially designed to improve one's vision. New contact lens technology have brought corrective treatments using contact lenses to eye conditions like myopia and hypermetropia (short sightedness and long sightedness), astigmatism as well as other ailments. On the other hand, therapeutic contact lenses are used to correct non-refractive disorders of the eye.

Using contact lenses to help you manage an eye disorder is a good choice. For one it offers you more flexibility particularly if you have a very active lifestyle and you prefer not to wear glasses. If you want to wear it for cosmetic purposes, you can too. There are a big range of contact lens products already in the market especially for improving one's appearance.

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