Stylishly Comfortable Uggs!

A friend of mine has been raving about ugg boots for a couple of months now. In fact, her dearest Christmas wish was for a couple of these boots. I guess she got what she wished for, her husband got her some.

I was really curious then what's the fuss about these ugg boots. Apparently, its a boot :) made of sheepskin usually lined with wool inside and outer surface is usually tanned. It's origin still under dispute where both Australia and New Zealand claiming to have produced the first ugg's. Styles are mostly unisex and comes in various heights. So okay, its a boot right, nothing much special if you look at it that way, but what makes it really in demand and have people clamoring for it? It's the comfort plus sheepskin material gives the boot thermostatic features which allows you to use it even in the coldest temperatures, and that's an excellent combination, style and comfort!

Celebrities like Kate Hudson,Sara Jessica Parker, Jennifer Anniston, Eva Longoria have also helped create a demand for ugg's and it has since then become a fashion must have.  The boots though doesn't come that cheap so I'm sure fashionista's wanting to have their ugg collection are also on the lookout for ugg boots sale. There are also synthetic varieties now in the market which are of much lower price but still has a big difference from the one's made of sheepskin.

So, now I get why there's a lot of fascination with ugg boots. I'll definitely be rooting for one, that is, if I live in a country cold enough to need those warm uggs.