Plants as Homes Decor

Yes! Plants can a home decor too! They are not simply for the outdoors, you can also bring it in. With just some careful planning and choosi... thumbnail 1 summary
Yes! Plants can a home decor too! They are not simply for the outdoors, you can also bring it in. With just some careful planning and choosing, you can easily incorporate plants in decorative planters into your existing home decor scheme.

Adding some plants is a great way to liven up an area and also to showcase your personal style. I find them personally to add cheer to any room in the house and perhaps because I grew up with parents who loves gardening and they don't really limit their planters outdoors, but they also have selected plants designed for the indoors. So, don't limit your plants to just your garden, bring them in to add some spunk to your home.

There are some things you need to consider first before you bring pots of plants indoors. Here some pointers I've picked out for those who want to try it out.

  • Have a look and evaluate the design and style of the area where you want to place your indoor planter. Does your room feature clean,sleek lines and decor? Or is it decorated in an ornate manner? This would be one of the factors in choosing which type of pot or planter to bring in to complement your existing decor.
  • There are a huge variety and designs of pots you can choose from. Simple, clean-looking, and sleek pots will blend nicely with modern, contemporary home decor. While, hand-made looking pots will go well with rooms with whimsical decors. For rooms that are highly decorated, the best pots to consider are those that are plain and simple so as not to add to the 'chaos' of the decor.
  • Brightly colored pots are great additions to rooms with neutral tones and shades. Don't be afraid to choose bold colors.
  • The texture of the pot can also be matched to the overall theme of the room. Clay pots look definitely Mexican or Southwestern. Pots in wicker baskets can also accentuate a country look. Bamboo, straw and wicker textures can also be perfect complement for an Oriental looking room.
  • Choose a place for the pot where it'll create the most drama and impact. Consider also the light that the plant needs to still grow healthily indoors.
  • Another practicality that you have to consider is the drainage for the pot. Also place some pebbles, moss or marble on the soil surrounding the plant. This will prevent the soil from spilling out whenever you do your watering.
  • Get the advice of your gardener on how to care for your plant. You'd want to keep it healthy and shiny as it is one of the highlights in your room.

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Plants are very healthy to have in the house.They really cleanse the air...but the pots have to taken care of...nice discussion here.

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