Ceiling Fans: Easy Summer Heat Solution

Summer is almost here, and for those specially living in hot and humid areas, the tropics, we sure are in need of something to beat the heat. Not all of us though can afford to install air conditioning units in all room, and even if I could afford it, I wouldn't want to install ac's everywhere. For one its not environment-friendly and second, I like feeling the breeze and nature. So the next best thing is to have ceiling fans installed in most rooms.

Thankfully, our house is really built for the tropics. Lots of windows and spaces so the air can really get in. During summers though, air could get really hot and heavy so a ceiling fan is needed to get the breeze into action and cool each room.

When installing ceiling fans, consider the size of the rooms. Larger rooms might need more than one ceiling fans. If you've got several rooms you need to have circulating air in and you need several fan units, then think about getting your fans from Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. Buying ceiling fans wholesale can lower your costs.

When choosing ceiling fans, consider the following things:
  • the size of the room. this great affects the size of the fan blades that you need or you might need several more.
  • the motor size. it should match the blade pitch and blade length. Inadequate motor size may cause overheating and burnout.
  • the quality and durability. common cause of ceiling breakdown is the switch used. pulling switches are usually not durable and would easily cause breakdown of your ceiling fan unit.
  • the noise the fan generates. cheap ceiling fans usually doesn't come with noise reducers and if you plan to install this in your bedroom or in any room you need some peace and quite, then a noisy fan might be irritating.

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Who do you call to install a ceiling fan if you buy it on the web?